Monday, May 21, 2012

Pet Food Recall

Well, since Diamond expanded the pet food recall of Chicken Soup (among other brands that they also make) cat and dog foods, I checked the bag of food that I had to find out if it was included and, sure enough, the production code and date both matched so I took it back to the store I bought it at and got a refund (Diamond hasn't shipped any new/unaffected bags to this store yet). This all makes sense now because my cats have both thrown up within the past week and I haven't felt good either (queasy stomach and not able to eat a whole lot) so I suspect the cat food (since I'm the one that feeds the cats). Just glad it's nothing worse than salmonella (which is bad enough but it could be a LOT worse). So, for now, my cats are eating Evolve pet food (similar enough in ingredients to Chicken Soup so that the cats shouldn't get an upset stomach from it). Hopefully, I can switch back to Chicken Soup brand soon (since it's just salmonella I'll give them a pass because it can and does happen to the best of pet food companies). I'm including a link to the recall website so anyone who needs to know can find out if their food is affected by this recall...


  1. Wow! We're glad everyone is going to be okay. We eat some of the Chicken Soup, but it's the canned food for kittens. What's sad is that factory that produced all of that "bad" food is about 10 miles away from us.

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Thanks! I'm glad everyone is going to be OK too. The canned is supposed to be fine (as are the new batches from the company which my store hasn't gotten yet). Wow! That's really close. So far so good with the Evolve food (as I said before, it's similar enough in ingredients to be not making any upset tummies). Just glad the company found the issue before it got worse.