Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Formula Change

Hi all. I wanted to give you guys a heads up about the NEW formula of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe cat food in case any of you feed this brand or plan to. I'm updating the ingredient list on my ratings page (will list both old AND new for a while since there will likely be bags of both for a while) and will let you guys know how my cats react to the change. I noticed the new bags (they look different) of kibble (with slightly different ingredients) on the shelf of my local store and thought it was odd since the Blue Buffalo website didn't have any info about it. I contacted BB and they got back to me very fast and let me know the new kibble (which has VERY recently been changed, hence the reason for no updated website) ingredients. So, go check out the ratings page for the new ingredients and to compare them to the old ones. The food is still VERY high quality so the rating is not changing, just the ingredients. The biggest change (because it is high up on the ingredient list) is the change from potato starch to tapioca starch, which shouldn't cause any problems for most cats). They also include egg in the food now, as well as an assortment of fruits and veggies (low on the ingredient list and probably part of the "Life Source Bits"). I don't know if other formulas have changed also, but I would guess that most of the other formulas in this line (salmon, duck, weight loss, indoor, etc.) HAVE. I cannot say whether dog foods of this brand have changed. If anyone knows and lets me know, I will post it for more people to see.