Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's been a while since I blogged so I figured I should probably update on several things. First off, Smokey and Sunny are doing great although I feel as if Sunny needs to loose a bit of weight (she's on excellent food so she just needs exercise I guess but any help is greatly appreciated). I have some sad news... Fiona went to the rainbow bridge on March 2nd. I got Lilly (new guinea pig) on March 17th. She was a very young guinea pig when I got her. She is also a bit of a drama queen! She is very loud and lets you know when she wants something (I mean, won't stop till she gets it!). She also wouldn't eat fresh fruits or vegetables when I got her (guinea pigs NEED those to stay healthy) but I've gotten her to where she eats a good variety now (had to mince them up and mix them with her food to get her to eat them at first but now she eats them whole). She has litter-box trained herself too which is awesome! My two geckos (Gex and Seze) are doing great! I've had some issues with my reef tank but things are looking slightly better now. First off, I had some algae problems (probably from phosphates in the water) but didn't do anything about them for a while because I was busy and it wasn't hurting anything at the time. Then I got a new light (I had planned to get a new light for the tank for a while) and the corals seem to like it better (except one that needs time to adjust). Then, I got something to remove the phosphate from the water and the corals didn't seem to like THAT (they need time to adjust to it I guess) so I removed it for a while. Things are finally looking better though so maybe, I can just enjoy the tank and not have so much stuff to do. The seahorse tank has been doing fairly well. I say fairly well because I had a seahorse give birth to one baby but both baby and adult got stressed and died. Then, a week or so later, I had a seahorse give birth to 3 (which I still have). I am not totally sure but I think I lost another adult (can't find it) but that doesn't worry me TOO much because they are not long lived (1-2 years and these were already adults). I am glad they have been having babies though because that means that I MIGHT be able to keep the population up with some luck. The freshwater tank is doing good and has some new fish in it. I also have a baby platy that I'm raising. So, overall, things are going well but I've had some down turns too. Well, I'll try to keep my blog updated more often now...


  1. So glad the seahorses are doing well. I have always loved them.

    Scylla is very overweight and needs a good diet cat food as well as more exercise. Right now I am feeding her Iams® ProActive Health™ Adult Weight Control (dry) and Friskies® Indoor (wet). I just hope that there are no more pet food recalls. I had been feeding Chicken Soup but no longer trust Diamond.

  2. The seahorses are awesome!

    Well, I hope you can get her to loose weight. I am always wary of pet food companies but I have to say that I am always glad when they voluntarily recall food and that salmonella can't ALWAYS be helped when dealing with raw ingredients (however, they should be more careful).