Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas is Coming Soon!

Christmas is approaching fast and after decorating the house last week, Smokey and Sunny both immediately started messing with the tree/ornaments. They've knocked one particular ornament (a fish of course!) down multiple times, but it's plastic so it won't break, thank goodness. If they don't watch out they might not get anything for Christmas since they're being naughty (though I think they might get some new toys anyway because overall they're good little kitties!)! But we haven't (yet) had any climbing the tree going on (Sunny used to do this when she was younger) so that's good.

Yesterday, while on a trip to Petsmart I got some new treats for the kitties to try. They are "Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Trout". I thought the "Trout" addition was interesting because there are only a few brands that include it in food/treats (it is in some of the Hill's Ideal Balance stuff). Smokey and Sunny both LOVE them (going to have to watch Sunny's treat intake though because I need her to lose weight since she weighs 12lbs and should weigh about 10lbs)! They've had the "Chicken and Turkey" ones (same brand) before and love those too. I'm not usually one to recommend a particular brand of cat food/treats and no others (because there are many good brands out there) but if you are looking for some healthy treat ideas, give these a try. They're moist, fairly low calorie, and the ingredients are simple (less chance for allergies) as well as being grain-free (my cats have been eating exclusively grain-free for quite a while now).

Lilly is doing well as is Seze (my leopard gecko). A while back I got Lilly some treats. They're Oxbow Timothy Treats and she loves them! The aquariums are both doing well also. The reef tank has some awesome corals and (now) a royal gramma (purple and yellow fish). The corals are growing rapidly and seem to be "happy."