Friday, May 18, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Well, today is a beautiful day! Smokey and Sunny are just lying around the house. I will probably try to get them both to exercise later but for now, I guess they can rest! Lilly on the other hand has been exercising all morning! She's been running around her cage and doing laps! My reef tank is still not looking its best but it does look better so hopefully things will work out with it soon. Seahorses still look good and I'll TRY to get some pictures of them soon. I will need to water the flowers later today because it's kinda hot here! We have celosia, periwinkles, hibiscus, and lantana in our beds. The lantana came back from last year and we planted everything else this year. The lantana is not blooming yet but it just a couple of inches tall. I hope everyone has a very relaxing day on this fantastic Friday!

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