Friday, June 28, 2013

Food transition

The kitties have been eating Hill's Ideal Balance since their Purina One Beyond gave BOTH of them trouble (worst with the newest bag I got but had been going on for a while before I figured out that it was the food) and made them sick. Before the Hill's food, I tried Newman's Own Organics and while this is a great food, they would not eat it. While the Hill's food agreed with them (didn't make them sick and they liked it), I was not happy with it. It only has 29% protein (30.5% dry matter) and is too high in fat (signifying they use chicken that is not good quality protein but instead is very fatty). So, I'd been looking at other foods (as noted in a previous blog post) and have decided that I will try Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken. I got a 3-lb bag last Saturday and have been mixing the two foods for a few days now. The cats seem to like it pretty well (Smokey is already picking the new food out from the old!) and, so far, are tolerating it well (one cat- I suspect Sunny- has been sick once, but only once). I'm watching Sunny very closely though because I still do wonder if she is intolerant of fish in the food (foods with fish seem to bother her more than foods without fish). If that becomes a problem, there are several foods (Blue Buffalo and Wellness) that are fish free so those are always options. Will update on how the transition is going. P.S. Purina One Beyond has NOT been recalled (yet) but the FDA is looking into reports (and picture proof) of mold in the food. I did not find mold in the food (not visibly) but it is possible that there is mold in the food that is just not visible. There are certainly several people (and at least one who posted on the facebook page) who had picture proof of mold in that food. In any case, it made both my cats sick and that's enough for me to not feed it!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I don't feed this food but I thought I'd let people know in case anyone you know does.