Monday, April 28, 2014

Lilly update.

I've not given an update on Lilly (my guinea pig) in a while, so here is one (with good and bad news). Lilly has not had any more feet problems (bumblefoot) since I switched her bedding from pine (I've used pine for YEARS with no problems) to aspen (which is softer on her feet). However, I've noticed in the past few days that she has seemingly developed cataracts in both eyes (NOT normal for a fairly young, 2 year old, guinea pig like her) and is drinking a LOT more water than normal. She also seems to have a "wet bottom" sometimes, and all these symptoms are signs of diabetes in guinea pigs. I'm watching her very closely and may have to take her to the vet soon. The good news is that if it is indeed diabetes, it is very treatable in guinea pigs. Often times, diet changes (less sugary fruits/veggies/food, more hay, more leafy vegetables) can help control it and there is medication available as well. From my readings, guinea pigs are more prone to Type-II diabetes (non-insulin dependent), so treatment with Glipizide often works well for guinea pigs and insulin injections are not required. Also 1 out of 3 guinea pigs with Type-II diabetes goes into remission after a short treatment with the medication. I will be keeping everyone updated with info about Lilly and whether she does indeed have diabetes (I hope I am wrong and that she doesn't have it) as I know it.