Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring is Here!

Well, spring is here and I am LOVING the weather (well, at least when it is about 70os and not stormy)! I’ve been to our local wildlife refuge a couple of times and taken some pictures so, here they are!

Smokey and Sunny are doing very well and both have been seeking attention a lot lately. Smokey is so smart that I’ve had some issues keeping her entertained enough. Here are just some things she can do and does that are not all that typical of a cat (some of them are more normal than others)
1. She can unzip stuff (by actually using the zipper pull)!
2. She can open doors by the doorknob if there is something raised for her to stand on that is close to the door and can also use her paws to open them from the floor if they are not totally closed.
3. She will look where you are pointing. Most cats will look at your hand because they don’t understand that you are pointing at something but Smokey actually traces from your hand to what you are pointing at.
4. She can figure out puzzle toys (like “get the food out of this box that only has holes that are here and here” toys) extremely quick (she figured out the most recent one I gave her in like 15 seconds and it was hard for Sunny.
5. She knows how to turn faucets on and knows that water comes out of them and that it tastes better than water that has been sitting in a bowl for a while.

Fiona, Gex, and Seze are all doing very well. Clark died on Friday.
I restarted my 47-gallon freshwater aquarium because it was not doing very well and I am waiting on some bulb plants to sprout before I add the fish back. My 20-gallon saltwater tank is doing pretty well although I have some issues with green hair algae.
I just recently updated the lighting on my nano-reef to a T5HO fixture and the results are awesome! My corals are so much happier with the new light and I have to say that it looks MUCH better. I got some new coral (A hairy mushroom, a monti-cap, and two ricordea mushrooms) and they are doing well. Here are some pictures of my reef tank.