Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sunny's food issues finally over (hopefully!)

Well, it appears that the cat grass that I gave the kitties worked because while they had it, Sunny did not get sick (it has withered but I plan to get more and keep it on hand) at all. So, thankfully, it SEEMS Sunny is NOT allergic to fish after all (thank goodness!). My philosophy in regards to pet food is to feed the way that nature intended whatever animal to eat. We wouldn't think of feeding a guinea pig or rabbit meat so why do we feed our cats foods that are BASED in plant products (dry food HAS to have a carbohydrate/plant source in it but it shouldn't be the first ingredient and ideally shouldn't be a grain)? Cats naturally need meat so we should feed them meat. Same for other animals. My guinea pig Lilly gets pelleted food that has grass-based products in it (and no corn because it's not good for guinea pigs either interestingly enough) as well as timothy hay and veggies/fruits. Feeding animals in this way prevents health problems that they can get if they don't eat a species appropriate diet. And I'm all for feeding in a way to minimize potential health problems and, therefore, trips to the vet.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

World Cat Day

So I thought I should blog today since it is World Cat Day! Smokey and Sunny have been pretty lazy today but that's OK with me! Sunny has not been sick for a while now so maybe she is not allergic and just was eating a bad houseplant. Anyway, Happy World Cat Day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something to think about

This is something that those of you who have corn in your pet's food might want to think about and be careful. This little part is the worst of it all. I am not a fan of genetically modified crops (because of what they can do to native species). "Besides the risk of aflatoxins with grain ingredients, there is another concern. In researching Goss’s wilt, the main chemical in Monsanto’s weed control product Roundup – glyphosate – kept being listed in Google searches for more information. Many experts around the world are linking glyphosate to plant diseases – including Goss’s wilt and serious health risks including birth defects, genetic damage, cancer, neurological and behavior changes, brain tumors and more." I'm glad I don't have corn (or any grain) in my cats' food! Sunny has presented me with a twist recently. I have not changed her food yet and I'm watching her closely because she has NOT been sick in over a week (great!). I got the cats some cat grass and I'm wondering if she is simply not eating the plant that was making her sick now that she has her own plant. If she is NOT allergic to fish, that makes me really happy because avoiding fish in cat food is very hard. So, once I finally figure out what's going on, I'll let all know. For now, I'm going to stick with the current food and see what happens before I change foods.