Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dwarf seahorses (and lots of them!)!

I've had the dwarf seahorses for two weeks now and they are doing well. They had twenty-two babies RIGHT after they were put into their new home and now, there are twenty-nine total (seven adults, twenty-two babies) and more on the way. Soon, I'm going to have to upgrade the tank to a larger one. The seahorses now have their own unique colors (one is green, one is pinkish, and a few are different shades of gray, white, and black). They are eating well and I've even gotten them to eat some frozen food (adult brine shrimp and some smaller mysis shrimp). I think that soon, I may separate the babies from the adults because I think that the adults would eat frozen if I didn't have to feed live to the babies. Pictures are coming soon!