Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet My African Fat-Tailed Gecko

Meet Gex, my African Fat-Tailed Gecko. She was captive bred and raised. She is very sweet and calm and is content to sit on a hand, shoulder, or arm. She has been used as an education animal for children at the Hummingbird Migration Celebration in 2009. She is a "White Stripe" phase and is about 4 years old. In this photo she has just shed her skin so she is very pretty.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


What a beautiful Wednesday! Smokey is enjoying sitting by the window and Sunny is curled up on the bed. Fiona enjoyed being out of her cage and eating (well, she IS a guinea PIG!) some carrots. My two gerbils have practiced their agility course and are chasing each other around and playing with each other. My African Fat-Tailed Gecko is going to shed in the next day or so and has enjoyed being out of the cage and resting on me. Now for the aquariums. The nano reef is doing well. I did tank maintenance yesterday and moved some of the corals around to get better light/water flow to some of them. The marine community is also doing quite well and the fish are very healthy. The royal gramma is very shy and will hide if I get too close to the tank or make sudden movements. The clownfish, however, is anything BUT shy. It will swim around my hand and nibble when I am doing work in the tank. The new tank that is 47 gallons will house angelfish, black skirt tetras and/or penguin tetras, platys and/or swordtails, rainbow fish, zebra danios, and corydora catfish. It is currently cycling and just had driftwood added yesterday. Hopefully it will be ready for fish soon!