Friday, February 26, 2016

Fun on Friday!

Owen is a really smart dog. Because he is smart, he can be a challenge to keep entertained at times! The good thing is that he loves learning new things. One thing I've been working on with him is agility. He is really good at it and loves doing it! He has learned how to do a bar jump, hoop jump, pause table, teeter-totter and is currently working on weave poles.

He started out (like any young dog) looking clumsy attempting just one piece of equipment at a time but can now sequence multiple pieces together. It is great bonding time too because he has to be really cued into me to make sure he gets the sequence right. I have had people ask if I plan to compete with him in the future. I don't know about that, but he certainly has fun with it anyway! 

I think agility is something that most/all dogs can enjoy in some form. If my beagle/terrier mix can do it, so can your dog! Whether you do it to compete or just for fun, agility is a great experience for any dog owner. You can make a lot of the needed equipment for little money or you can buy pre-made equipment. If you are interested in trying agility, there are many videos avilable to get you started and many areas have classes if you are serious.