Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, Tuesday was HOT! I have had to turn my fan on and use it to cool Fiona, Lewis, and Clark because they don't like the hot weather. My fish tank heaters have, needless to say, not been on at ALL lately. Gex has been more active and has been out of hiding more lately too. Smokey and Sunny have been just lounging around and drinking LOTS of water (GREAT for them because cats tend to be slightly dehydrated). I have fixed Fiona's wet cage problem. Her cage was getting wet and dirty really fast and I was tired of changing her bedding ALL the time (I usually do it once a week) so I tried to find out what was wrong and discovered that her water bottle was being pushed up against the gerbil cage and it was being squeezed so it leaked. I moved the water bottle and the cage is not dirty as fast now. I plan to add more fish to my tanks pretty soon and will post pictures as soon as I do. It was very pretty (from inside the house) today with blue sky but if you went outside, it was HOT!
Have a good (cool) day!

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