Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunny's Travel Problems (and solutions)

Well, as you may know, I raised Sunny from a week and a half old and therefore, I had to take her with me if I was going to be gone for more than a couple of hours. That meant I had to feed her in the car. I was able to do this (after some practice bottle feeding) and she would eat, and then go to sleep. On her first vet visit she was fine in the car but when we got to the vet, she freaked out (understandable since she was getting vaccinated) and ever since, it has been a nightmare to travel with her because she gets carsick. Well, I know that she doesn't have an inner ear problem so she just freaks herself out. I have been working with her and getting her used to the carrier and today I made the step of taking her with me for a short trip in town. She was nervous but was NOT sick and was calm for the most part! So I would say we had success! Now for longer trips...
Happy Traveling!

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