Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pet food news...

I must say that I am saddened to hear these two news stories today because these were both fairly good pet food brands. Innova is being discontinued (EVO is NOT from what I have heard but Innova is). Also released today was the news that Merrick was bought up by Nestle Purina. This last bit of news is very concerning because, while not announced yet, Purina will very likely change ingredients to increase profit margins and Merrick has been a really good food up until now. One also has to wonder why Purina is buying a good food company when they have said time and time again that by-products are healthy, nutritious ingredients and that corn is a good ingredient (of course, this also doesn't make sense when they already have their Beyond brand, which is corn and by-product free). The only answer, of course, is that they are in it for the money and really don't care (and will say anything to make money).

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