Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Update 4/15/15

Everyone has been doing well and Toothless got a new cage last weekend (she was getting too big for the cage she was in). Sunny may have lost a bit of weight though I have not weighed her so I don't know for sure. I found that the cats like seafood flavors of canned food (I'm not super happy about this but whatever since I am tired of throwing away food that they don't eat). I added a few foods to the review page (Acana, Orijen and Iams Grain Free Naturals) and updated the Evo ingredients list since it has changed (since they were bought by Mars). If you have a food that I haven't reviewed and want to know about, comment here or the review page and I'll review it for you and add it to the page. I'm always looking to add to the list.

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