Friday, May 31, 2013

Suggestions for cat foods

OK guys. The cats are currently eating Hills Ideal Balance but I'm not happy with several things about it. First off, the meat content is way too low in my opinion and secondly, the protein content is too low too (only 29%). So, I'm going to switch to another food as soon as I can. These are some I've considered and I want advice about whether anyone has had problems with these foods. The thing is, it can be hard to tell whether there are truly problems are whether people have other issues not related to the food. So, here's my list. Let me know what you've heard about any of them by leaving a comment below. Thanks! Halo Spot's Stew Grain Free Formula Hearty Chicken Recipe Cat Food, Orijen Cat and Kitten, Nature’s Variety Instinct Dry Kibble, Blue Buffalo Wilderness, Blue Buffalo Basics, Blue Buffalo Freedom, FreshPet Vital (the "kibble" type)


  1. All these foods have good ingredient lists by the way. I'm just curious about what anyone may have heard from friends or whoever about these foods and if there are any problems not being reported.

  2. I haven't heard anything about them. Not sure if any but the Blue Buffalo are available locally where I live. I may look into getting some Blue Buffalo for dry food.

    Have you heard anything about Authority canned catfood? The cats seem to like it, I will probably stick with feeding it as it is reasonably priced although it is a pain to drive all the way to PetSmart to get it.

  3. Thanks. Let me know if you do hear anything about Blue Buffalo (or any other foods). I've read some complaints about all of them but I figure some people are always going to complain about something!
    The Authority foods (the canned ones) look to be a pretty good food. One line has wheat gluten (the rest do not) but other than that, they seem good. And they are meat based (always good!).