Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sick kitties...

Update! I would NOT feed Purina One Beyond right now because it has made both Sunny AND Smokey sick. I got a new bag and the cats have both been sick since. Looked it up and while there is no official recall (yet), there are lots of reports of this food (all Purina actually) causing problems in cats and dogs lately (vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, increased thirst, etc) and there is early speculation that there MAY be a toxin (not salmonella or e. coli but an actual toxin) in it. I'm not taking any chances (the evidence is too strong in my case with the new food bag and getting sick) and have switched them to Newman's Own Organics. So, keep a watch out if you feed a Purina food and please consider switching to something else (especially if you feed this particular Purina brand).

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  1. Well, here is a possible reason there are issues (though I doubt this is the reason for ALL animals getting sick because anyone who noticed mold to THAT extent would be crazy to feed it to their cat)...

    But as I said, this cannot be the main problem. There are too many cases of illnesses from too many of the different brands Purina makes.