Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

If you read my post a few days ago, you know that I'm trying to get my cat Sunny to lose weight. I'm feeding her less, and exercising her more. Surprisingly Sunny is NOT complaining about getting less food. She's getting 1/2 cup of dry (Purina ONE Beyond) food a day. If I feed canned (Fancy Feast), she is getting 1/3 cup dry and 1/2 can (3oz can) wet. This seems to work well so far (she's not wanting more food) but it's too early to see if she'll lose weight on this diet. I'm still planning on taking her to the vet to be weighed but I'm going to be getting her to lose weight in the meantime (since she IS overweight). Lilly is doing good. I need to clean her cage and work on litter box training (she doesn't like the box I chose so she is now going in another corner but ONLY in that corner!) her though. Her favorite foods are carrots, apples, lettuce, and bell pepper. She is OK with cucumber, grapes, and a few other foods but they're not her favorites. She knows her name and will squeal if you say it! Gex and Seze are doing great! Seze had been underweight (she's been underweight since I got her) but after a few days of feeding LOTS of crickets, she is gaining weight. The reef tank is finally doing well. I have added a power-head to the tank to increase the water flow and so far, the corals seem to like it. The fish have to swim against the current (a natural thing!)! I ordered seahorses which should be shipped soon and will be here in a few days (baring no trouble)! I ordered six and I'm really excited about them! The tank looks AWESOME (the old tank for seahorses was NOT as cool looking or as well designed as this one!)! I'm working on a DIY fan to cool the tank (using a computer fan) and will (hopefully) post directions on how to make one once I get it done. I got a pleco (plecostomus) today and will be quarantining it for a couple of days before adding it to the freshwater community. These fish (in my opinion) are awesome fish (while not pretty, they look cool!) and definitely earn their keep (they eat algae)!

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