Monday, March 22, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was a great day! Spring is officially here! Smokey and Sunny have been having fun chasing toys and looking at the birds that are outside the windows. Smokey has decided that my mushroom chair is HERS and has taken to relaxing in it lately. I am trying to get Sunny to gain some weight because she is slightly underweight. On a side note, I am about to switch them BOTH from Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul. Fiona has enjoyed the nice weather (warm weather). Lewis and Clark are quite hyper most of the time now and are not sleeping much. Gex has come out of the winter sleeping that she goes into and is now active (for her) more often. The 47 gallon tank is now cycled and ready for more fish. It is getting some good algae growth. The 20 gallon tank is doing well and has gotten beautiful lately. The nano-reef is GREAT and has gotten lots of coralline algae growth, scroll algae growth, and lots of apstasia anemones. I went to a local wildlife refuge on Saturday and got some good pictures! What a GREAT few days...

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