Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!

Today was a great day! Smokey decided to spend the day napping on the couch, and Sunny wanted to spend time in my lap being cuddled. Sunny also decided to climb my shoe rack on my door and perched on the door (TOO FUNNY)! :D She was 7 months old yesterday! I have had her since she was 1 and a half weeks old. My gerbils (names coming soon) have been cuddling together and played outside the cage today. I am going to have to feed them separately for a while because one is bigger than the other and he tends to push the other away from the dish. :( The new aquarium should be ready for fish on the weekend and I plan to add zebra danios and maybe platys or swordtails. Gex (my African fat-tailed gecko) has been out and about today and I am going to work on her cage setup tonight or tomorrow.

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