Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunny’s Gotcha Day Story

I don’t really know what happened because I was only 1 and ½ weeks old, but here is what I remember. I found myself being dropped off and abandoned in some shrubs outside someone’s house that was close to a busy street. I was scared and cried for help, but no one knew I was there. I was hungry, cold, and lonely. One night went by and I was now starving. I finally cried loud enough, and the owner of the house heard me crying and felt sorry for me but is allergic to cats and could not take me in. The next day, she told someone that she knew about me, and that person came over to see about me! When I heard her get out and walk around, I crawled out of the shrubs where I had been hiding and came to her. When she saw me she realized that I was very young and needed help, so she took me in her arms and cradled me. She got in the car and we went somewhere where she got some yummy kitten milk for me! She fed me from a bottle when we got home and gave me a heated blanket to sleep on. She had to wake me up and feed me every 4 hours. Most kittens won’t eat from a bottle because it doesn’t feel the same as their mother, but I was HUNGRY and did! I was not the only cat around the house. There was another cat named Smokey. She did not like me at first, but she is my buddy now! I LOVE my foster mother and my new “sister” Smokey!

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