Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Treating Little Piggy Feet

Lilly has come down with a case of Pododermatitis (ie. "bumblefoot"). It seems mild (it's also not bothering her it seems) and I caught it early so I'm treating it at home right now. I don't know why she got it (it has a variety of causes including injuries, lack of vitamin C, allergies, cage dirty, too humid, toenails too long, etc.) and I'm watching her closely. I'm treating her feet with neosporin (triple antibiotic) and have previously soaked them. She is also getting boosted levels of vitamin C (through fresh fruits/veggies) because a lack of vitamin C is a possible cause (though HIGHLY unlikely in Lilly's case because she eats so many fresh fruits and veggies with lots of vitamin C in it) and it can help the feet heal faster. Hopefully this will go away soon!

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