Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sunny's food issues finally over (hopefully!)

Well, it appears that the cat grass that I gave the kitties worked because while they had it, Sunny did not get sick (it has withered but I plan to get more and keep it on hand) at all. So, thankfully, it SEEMS Sunny is NOT allergic to fish after all (thank goodness!). My philosophy in regards to pet food is to feed the way that nature intended whatever animal to eat. We wouldn't think of feeding a guinea pig or rabbit meat so why do we feed our cats foods that are BASED in plant products (dry food HAS to have a carbohydrate/plant source in it but it shouldn't be the first ingredient and ideally shouldn't be a grain)? Cats naturally need meat so we should feed them meat. Same for other animals. My guinea pig Lilly gets pelleted food that has grass-based products in it (and no corn because it's not good for guinea pigs either interestingly enough) as well as timothy hay and veggies/fruits. Feeding animals in this way prevents health problems that they can get if they don't eat a species appropriate diet. And I'm all for feeding in a way to minimize potential health problems and, therefore, trips to the vet.


  1. Still feeding Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe. The cats eat less of it so while it IS expensive, it is not TOO much more expensive because (like I said) they eat less. They really like it too!

  2. However, Erin is feeding "Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula" and Sox loves it (and it's also corn, wheat, soy, by-product and grain free and has venison in it which is cool). It's great food too! The only potential issue is that it's made by Diamond but it seems that all companies are vulnerable to salmonella related recalls (the type Diamond has had) and the Taste of the Wild has NOT been recalled to my knowledge (I KNOW it hasn't been in the last Diamond recalls in the past years). Another benefit of the Taste of the Wild is that it is somewhat cheaper than the Blue Buffalo foods. So, if you're looking for a grain free food, these are both great.