Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring is in the air!

Well, it's been a WHILE since I updated my blog but here is an overview of what's been going on. Smokey and Sunny are doing well. I still need to get Sunny to lose weight but with two cats (one of which is NOT overweight and is extremely active), it can be hard to get one to lose weight while keeping the other one happy. Still working on it though. Lilly is also doing well. She seems to enjoy her out of cage time and doesn't seem to be getting overweight (gotta watch for that in guinea pigs!). Seze (my leopard gecko) is doing fine. The aquariums have been doing well for the most part. The disease (in November) did not kill all the fish (2 black skirt tetras, both platies and 2 danios lived) though the danios have died since then (not sure what killed them but since I had them a while, I'm guessing old age). I've added a few fish since I last updated including 2 khuli loaches (cool little fish) and a new school of glowlights (quarantined this time!). The reef doesn't currently have any fish in it but the corals look good. Still battling an aggressive algae but I think I'm finally getting it under control.

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