Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Update!

Well, it has been a while since my last blog update because I’ve been busy with lots of things. Here is an update on how things are doing and what’s new. First off, Smokey and Sunny have been doing well although I think Sunny has been eating bugs that get inside, or something else that she shouldn’t be eating, because she has gotten sick several times lately. Fiona is doing well and really likes her larger cage (she went from a little over 1 square foot to 7 square feet). She also likes the time she gets to run around my room on the floor! Gex and Seze are doing great and Seze is truly an amazing hunter! She has such accuracy now that she is older and bigger. It is really awesome to watch her stalk a cricket and grab it! My fish tanks are doing pretty well now but instead of three tanks, I have two. My ten-gallon nano-reef had many issues so I moved everything over to my twenty-gallon tank. Things are doing much better now, but my candy cane coral was not doing so well, and it turns out that the hardness of the water was too low so I’ve been adding a product called “Superbuffer dKH” to raise the carbonate hardness. It seems to be working thank goodness! My forty-seven gallon freshwater community tank is doing great and now has a live plant in it (it was supposed to have six but five of them didn’t grow!)! I’ll try to be more regular with my blog updates!

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