Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reef Tank Update

OK, so I said I would do an update on whether my DIY protein skimmer worked or not. Well, it DID! :) It took a while to break in (2 days) but it is now collecting very light colored skimmate (dirty stuff from the water) and should hopefully start to collect more as the tank and skimmer mature. The tank has had a LOT of diatom and other algae growing in it because it is so young but the pod (amphipod and copepod) populations are up and, at times, I can see over ten of them on one side of the aquarium. The corals seem very happy and are open (most of the time). I now have one of the new lights (20 watt Coralife 50/50 bulbs but I only have one) and am considering getting a Finnex 26 watt bulb for the other side instead of the Coralife. I also re-aquascaped the tank and added some more rock. It looks nice now (there is a little "island" now) and I am happy with the scape. I'm ready to add corals and inverts but our local pet store is redoing their saltwater systems so I have to wait a bit. :( Well, pictures coming soon!
Oh and please pray for Socks from "Alasandra, The Cats and a Dog"

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