Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Sorry for the delay in an update but I have been really busy. Sunny is getting well from being spayed and is almost a year old (will be Thursday July 1st). Smokey has been very playful lately but is also very lazy at times (typical cat). They are both eating Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul Adult Dry formula and they love it! I like the fact that they eat less because it is nutrient dense (which means less cleanup for me) and that Smokey is loosing some weight (she was a little overweight). They also eat Fancy Feast Classic because they are grain free (the ones I feed) and I don't MIND the few by-products (at least there is no corn, wheat, or soy) that Fancy Feast has. Lewis and Clark (the gerbils) have been active lately and are so different in personality. Lewis is a very calm gerbil and a bit shy while Clark is curious and hyper. Gex (the gecko) is doing well and has dug her own little hideouts in her cage on the cool side (her regular hideout is on the hot side). I recently bought a Ocellaris Clownfish (captive bred) but it ended up getting Marine Ich. I treated it and it is well now and is in the display tank (it had been in quarantine). I have been having to re-stock my 20 gallon display tank (marine) because it crashed about a month ago but it is doing great now! Here are some pictures of a few things!

Here are some pictures from a wildlife refuge!

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