Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Very Hot Wednesday!

The temperature outside right now is about 88°s but it feels MUCH hotter. The cats are being lazy and are shedding like crazy. I put ice in their bowls to cool them off and brushed Sunny to help with the shedding. Fiona and the gerbils have a fan on them during the day so they stay cool and the fish tank heaters are off. Last night the power went off for no apperent reason and did not come back on till about 4:30AM so it was VERY hot. I hope it cools down a little bit in the next few days but I doubt it will. The beach would be very nice right about now except for the oil. The oil slick has (so far) killed 20 sea turtles that they know of and is getting worse. I get sick anytime I think about it so I try not to. I hope to go camping soon and am planning on doing the Great American Backyard Campout sometime later this month. Last year was fun and I really enjoyed it but it was REALLY HOT because we did it in late June. So stay cool and have fun!

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